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Self Help for Dental Emergencies


Dental pain of any form (i.e. toothache, gum pain, wisdom tooth pain etc) can usually be controlled with painkillers.


Please see below for recommended painkillers and doses, which are intended for a 5-day regime. If pain continues after 5 days please get in touch for further advice.

Ibuprofen should be avoided by:

- Patients taking blood thinners eg warfarin, apixaban, clopidogrel, asprin

- Patients with bleeding disorders.

- Patients with a history of stomach ulcers.

- Pregnant women. 

- Asthmatics who have had previous onset of attacks with ibuprofen, asprin or other NSAIDs.

Low dose ibuprofen (upto 1600mg per day) can be used for asthamatics with no reactions to ibuprofen, asprin and other NSAIDs.



Mild-moderate Dental pain:

Paracetamol, 1000mg tablets up to four times daily (i.e. every 4–6 hours)


Ibuprofen, 200-400mg tablets up to four times daily (i.e. every 4–6 hours), with food.

Severe dental pain:

Ibuprofen, 600mg tablets up to four times daily (i.e. every 4–6 hours), with food.


Paracetamol 1000mg AND Ibuprofen 400-600mg up to four times daily (i.e. every 4-6 hours), with food.


Paracetamol (either as tablet or liquid eg Calpol), dose depending on age (see below); up to four times daily (max 4 doses in 24 hours):

6-12 months 120 mg

2-3 years 180 mg

4-5 years 240 mg

6-7 years 240-250 mg

8-9 years 360-375 mg

10-11 years 480-500 mg

12-15 years 480-750 mg

16-17 years 500 - 1000mg 



Ibuprofen, dose depending on age (see below), with food, up to 3 times daily unless described otherwise below:

6-11 months 50 mg (4 times daily)

1-3 years 100 mg

4-6 years 150 mg

7-9 years 200 mg

10-11 years 300 mg

12-17 years 300-400 mg (4 times daily)


Small localised swellings can sometimes be managed with painkillers as above and arrange to see your dentist as soon as possible. 


If a swelling is worsening or is quite large contact your dentist immediately. 

Swellings affecting the vision and breathing should be taken to your local A&E urgently.


It is okay to leave broken teeth or fillings until you can see a dentist to have these repaired. The area should be kept clean and any food getting lodged to be cleaned out.


If there is any sensitivity from these, usually to hot or cold food and drink, a temporary filling kit can be bought from the pharmacy, supermarket or online to dress the tooth. Use only a small amount to cover the broken area and see a dentist as soon as possible. Sometimes, a sensitive toothpaste can be applied to the area and left on to improve the sensitivity.

If there is dental pain, use painkillers as above and avoid using temporary filling material unless the area is very sensitive to hot or cold. 


It is best to see a dentist should a crown, veneer or bridge come off to have these refitted or a new one made.

If a temporary fix is urgently required, an over-the-counter temporary cement can be purchased. In some instances, denture fixative can also be used. Please be aware that neither of these may work.


The crown or veneer should be left out for eating and during sleeping if it isn't very secure, to avoid inhaling or swallowing it.


The gums should be thoroughly brushed, ignoring any bleeding. A soft or children's toothbrush can be used if necessary. 

Warm salt water or chlorhexidine mouthwash or gel eg Corsodyl, Curasept can be used for up to 7 days to help.

Painkillers as above can be taken. It is best to avoid smoking to help improve the gum health.

If pain or swelling worsen or cannot be controlled, please contact your dentist.


In the event of accidental knocks or trauma, it is best to contact your dentist or local A&E for advice.

Any broken fragments or teeth that have fallen out should be rinsed with cold water and stored in a container with milk. Ensure the tooth is handled by the crown (part that is usually visible in the mouth) and NOT the root.

If there is bleeding from any cuts, use a clean towel/napkin damped with cold water to apply firm constant pressure to the bleeding area.

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